• Radiology Navigates Stricter HIPAA Laws
  • Radiology Navigates Stricter HIPAA Laws

    Taking basic precautions can help radiologists avoid the hefty fines associated with stricter regulations modifying the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

  • David M. Hovsepian, M.D.RSNA News Editor David Hovsepian, M.D., invites readers to explore an article on the impact of recent changes to HIPAA as well as a feature story spotlighting the RSNA 2013 "France Presents" session focusing on oncologic imaging.

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  • MR Imaging Part of “Genomic Revolution”

    MR Imaging Part of “Genomic Revolution”

    February 01, 2014

    Imaging genomics could accelerate brain cancer research.

    Oncologic Imaging Focus of French Research

    Oncologic Imaging the Focus of “France Presents”

    February 01, 2014

    Leading French radiologists discussed the latest in cutting-edge oncologic imaging at RSNA 2013.

    Radiology Facing Threats, Challenges

    Shifting Healthcare Landscape Creates Threats, Challenges

    February 01, 2014

    Radiology leaders offer expert advice on overcoming obstacles and threats facing the profession.

    Technology Cuts Radiation Exposure

    Technology Cuts Radiation Exposure

    February 01, 2014

    Spectral CT is among techniques that improves efficiency, lower radiation dose.

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