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  • Education Grants Application Deadline: January 11, 2016
    Education Scholar Grant Details / Application »
    • Provides funding opportunities for individuals with an active interest in radiologic education.
    • Up to $75,000 USD for salary support and/or other project costs for a 1-year grant. In exceptional cases, grants for up to two years will be considered.
    • Open to international applicants
    RSNA/AUR/APDR/SCARD Radiology Education Research Development Grant Details / Application »
    • Encourages innovation and improvement in health sciences education by providing research opportunities to individuals in pursuit of advancing the science of radiology education.
    • Up to $10,000 USD for a 1-year project.
    • Open to international applicants
  • Research Grants Application Deadline: January 15, 2016
    Research Scholar Grant Details / Application »
    • Supports junior faculty members who have completed the conventional resident/fellowship training programs but have not yet been recognized as independent investigators.
    • $75,000 annually for 2 years ($150,000 total) to be used as salary support.
    • Requires a minimum of 40% effort.
    Research Resident/Fellow Grant Details / Application »
    • Provides trainees not yet professionally established in the radiologic sciences an opportunity to gain further insight into scientific investigation and to develop competence in research techniques and methods.
    • $30,000 for a 1-year Research Resident project or $50,000 for a 1-year Research Fellow project, to be used for salary and/or non-personnel research expenses.
    • Requires a minimum of 50% effort
    Research Seed Grant Details / Application »
    • Enables investigators to gain experience in defining objectives and testing hypotheses in preparation for major grant applications to corporations, foundations and governmental agencies.
    • Up to $40,000 United States Dollars (USD) for a 1-year project to support the preliminary or pilot phase of scientific projects.
    • Open to international applicants
    Medical Student Grant Application Deadline: February 1, 2016
    Research Medical Student Grant Details / Application »
    • Makes radiology research opportunities possible for medical students, and to encourage them early in their medical careers to consider academic radiology as an option for their future.
    • $3,000 stipend for a 10-week research project, to be matched by the sponsoring department ($6,000 total).
  • Awards Application Deadline: April 1, 2016
    Roentgen Resident/Fellow Research Award Details / Application »
    • Recognizes and encourages trainees who have played an active role in radiologic research during the past year.
    • Participating North American residency programs receive an award plaque with room for each year’s nominee. The Foundation provides a personalized award for the department to present to the selected resident or fellow.