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  • The Medical Imaging Resource Center (MIRC) is a set of free software tools to support radiology teaching files and imaging clinical trials. 

    Keep a collection of interesting cases on hand? With the Teaching Files System (TFS), you can create and host instant collections from your saved cases. Download the software with the one-click installer, then upload, host and share your cases through any web browser and across institutions.

    The Clinical Trials Processor (CTP) allows you to move data with the most powerful anonymizer in the industry. Employed by the National Cancer Institute, the CTP can anonymize all DICOM objects with a single click and send data across institutions, dramatically minimizing errors and saving you time. It supports industry-standard protocols and can be configured to work with all commercial PACS systems.

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    Clinical Trials Processor (CTP)

    Exchange, index and retrieve images and documents with the most poweful anonymizer in the industry.


    Teaching File System (TFS)

    Author, manage, store and share radiology teaching files through any browser, locally and across instiutions. 


    Making MIRC Work

    Read RSNA News case studies on on how radiologists are using MIRC in clinical, research and educational settings.