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    • Multivoting

    • Multivoting is a simple, structured approach used by teams to select the most significant or highest priority item from a list. This process relies on popular opinion and is a method of prioritizing projects or elements of projects. It usually follows a Brainstorming session that has generated many ideas.

      How to Conduct a Multivoting Activity

      • List the ideas generated during a brainstorming session. If there are a large number, place the ideas into thematic groups
      • Agree upon one or more criteria for voting.
      • Based on the identified criteria, have each team member select (vote for) one-third of the ideas, and mark their vote next to the idea on the flipchart.
      • Tally the votes for each idea.
      • Eliminate the ideas with the fewest votes. When deciding on ideas to eliminate during a round of voting, general parameters are:
      • Team Size (# of people)   Eliminate ideas with less than 'x' votes
        4 to 5   2
        6 to 9   3
        10 to 14   4
        15 or more   5

      • Repeat the voting and elimination process until a workable list of ideas remains.
      • Rank order the ideas from the final list.

      NOTE: If a number of ideas receive the same low number of votes, another vote may be necessary on those ideas alone.