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    • Multivoting

    • Multivoting is a simple, structured approach used by teams to select the most significant or highest priority item from a list. This process relies on popular opinion and is a method of prioritizing projects or elements of projects. It usually follows a Brainstorming session that has generated many ideas.

      How to Conduct a Multivoting Activity

      1. List the ideas generated during a brainstorming session. If there are a large number, place the ideas into thematic groups
      2. Agree upon one or more criteria for voting.
      3. Based on the identified criteria, have each team member select (vote for) one-third of the ideas, and mark their vote next to the idea on the flipchart.
      4. Tally the votes for each idea.
      5. Eliminate the ideas with the fewest votes. When deciding on ideas to eliminate during a round of voting, general parameters are:


      Team Size (# of people)    Eliminate ideas with less than 'x' votes 
      4 to 5   2
      6 to 9   3
      10 to 14   4
      15 or more   5


      1. Repeat the voting and elimination process until a workable list of ideas remains.
      2. Rank order the ideas from the final list.

      NOTE: If a number of ideas receive the same low number of votes, another vote may be necessary on those ideas alone.