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    June 1, 2015

    Synergy of Radiation and Immunotherapy in Melanoma Treatment

    In pre-clinical murine tumor models, 2013 RSNA Research Resident Grant recipient Zachary S. Morris, M.D,. Ph.D., identified a cooperative therapeutic interaction between radiation and tumor-directed antibodies resulting in improved tumor control through activation of an anti-tumor innate immune response. This finding bears immediate clinical relevance because both radiation and tumor-specific antibodies are established treatment modalities that are used independently to treat a variety of cancers. Consequently, these results may inform and guide novel approaches to combining these treatments to improve local tumor control. The results of this work have been compiled and submitted in a manuscript for publication and have enabled successful application for additional grant funding to support studies that are now exploring the capacity of combined radiation and tumor-specific antibody treatment to augment the anti-tumor immune response elicited by other immunotherapies.

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    Zachary S. Morris, M.D,. Ph.D.
    Zachary S. Morris, M.D., Ph.D.

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