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    April 1, 2016

    Emory Appoints Lewin to Multiple High Posts

    Jonathan S. Lewin, M.D. Lewin

    Internationally recognized as a pioneer in interventional and intra-operative MR imaging, Jonathan S. Lewin, M.D., was named executive vice-president for health affairs at Emory University in Atlanta. Dr. Lewin also will serve as executive director for Emory's Woodruff Health Sciences Center, president and CEO of Emory Healthcare, and chair of the Emory Healthcare board of directors. He began his tenure Feb. 1.

    Dr. Lewin is the current president of the American Roentgen Ray Society and president-elect of the Society of Chairs of Academic Radiology Departments. He is also immediate past-president of the Association of University Radiologists.

    Dr. Lewin has served on RSNA's educational course faculty and as a session moderator at RSNA annual meetings. He was recognized as a 2012 RSNA Honored Educator and is a Sapphire Visionary Donor to RSNA's Research & Education (R&E) Foundation.

    Prior to his appointment at Emory, Dr. Lewin served as senior vice-president for integrated healthcare delivery and as co-chair for strategic planning at Johns Hopkins Medicine. He also served as professor and chair of the Russell H. Morgan Department of Radiology and Radiological Science at Johns Hopkins University as well as the radiologist-in-chief at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

    SRU Honors Lyons, Charboneau, Potretzke with 2015 Awards

    Edward A. Lyons, M.D. Lyons
     J. William Charboneau, M.D. Charboneau
    Theodora A. Potretzke, M.D. Potretzke

    Edward A. Lyons, M.D., received the Distinguished Service Award from the Society of Radiologists in Ultrasound (SRU) during its 2015 annual meeting held recently in Chicago. Also at the meeting, SRU honored J. William Charboneau, M.D., with the Lawrence A. Mack Lifetime Achievement Award, and Theodora A. Potretzke, M.D., with the Member-in-Training Award.

    Dr. Lyons, a former president of SRU and the Canadian Association of Radiologists (CAR), started one of North America’s first ultrasound technologist training programs at the Health Sciences Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, in 1973. Dr. Lyons has served on the RSNA Annual Meeting faculty and chaired the RSNA Ultrasound Sub-committee of the Scientific Program Committee.

    Dr. Charboneau, Professor Emeritus of Radiology at Mayo Clinic College of Medicine in Rochester, Minn., earned an international reputation as a pioneer in diagnostic ultrasound and interventional ultrasound-guided procedures, particularly tumor ablation. He presented the New Horizons Lecture at RSNA 2006 and served on the RSNA Public Information Committee and as a member of the RSNA Annual Meeting faculty.

    Dr. Potretzke was awarded for her paper “Bleeding Complications after Ultrasound-Guided Percutaneous Biopsy of Subcapsular Liver Masses: A Comparison with Nonsubcapsular Liver Masses and Random Liver Biopsy,” which she presented during the plenary session at the SRU annual meeting.

    Apply by May 1 for RSNA Eyler Fellowship

    Applications are being accepted for the RSNA William R. Eyler Editorial Fellowship.


    The fellowship offers the opportunity to work with Radiology Editor Herbert Y. Kressel, M.D., in Boston and RadioGraphics Editor Jeffrey S. Klein, M.D., in Burlington, Vt. The fellow will visit the RSNA Publications Department at RSNA headquarters in Oak Brook, Ill., and will work with the RadioGraphics editorial team at RSNA 2016. The fellowship lasts one month.

    Apply by May 1 to be considered for the William R. Eyler Editorial Fellowship. To learn more and to apply, go to: RSNA.org/RSNA_Editorial_Fellowships.aspx.

    Numbers in the News

    48 Number of pounds lost by one patient undergoing gastric artery embolization, a technique that is showing potential as a safe, minimally invasive treatment for obesity. Read more here.

    3,000 Number of submissions to the RSNA journal Radiology each year. Read more about the peer review process for Radiology and RadioGraphicshere.

    44 The number of residency programs using Diagnosis Live™—RSNA's interactive response system. Read more about the program's expansion and other highlights from RSNA's 2015 Annual Report here.

    24 Number—in millions—of Americans who suffer from COPD, one of the diseases targeted through precision medicine, which allows physicians to tailor patient-specific treatment. Read more here.

    Radiologists Travel to Philippines, Ghana through RSNA IVP Program

    Robert D. Harris, M.D., M.P.H., and Sheila Sheth, M.D., brought their medical expertise to the Philippines in February as part of the RSNA International Visiting Professor (IVP) Program. The radiologists were accompanied by Teresita L. Angtuaco, M.D., former chair of RSNA's Committee on International Radiology Education (CIRE), which administers the program.

    Also in February, IVP team members Dorothy I. Bulas, M.D., and Anne C. Roberts, M.D., traveled to Ghana to offer their medical expertise.

    The visiting professors gave presentations and taught intensive seminars to radiology residents, and attended conferences and meetings.

    In addition, an IVP webinar was offered to radiologists from Lebanon in January. Maheen Rajput, M.D., and Sjirk J. Westra, M.D., presented the webinar, which was also attended by radiology residents in Nigeria with the help of a CIRE member located in the region.

    The IVP program will conclude its 2016 calendar in the fall with trips to Mexico and Mongolia, and a webinar with Algeria.

    RSNA—which also provides educational materials to host institutions—has supported international education through the IVP program since 1986. The program is made possible by the support of Agfa HealthCare and Fujifilm Medical Systems.

    For more information about the RSNA IVP program, go to RSNA.org/IVP.

    IVP Program

    Pictured at the University of Santo Tomas, the Philippines, from left: Jerome Gaerlan, M.D., first vice-president, Philippine College of Radiology (PCR), Stephanie Pe, M.D., Jolinda V. Almazan, M.D., Orestes P. Monzon, M.D., Mario T. Milo, M.D., Eduardo Angtuaco, M.D., former CIRE Chair Teresita Angtuaco, M.D., International Visiting Professor (IVP) team member Robert Harris, M.D., M.P.H., Jesus Valencia, M.D., IVP team member Sheila Sheth, M.D., Joie A. Cañal, M.D., president, PCR, Cartrini O. Cruz, M.D., and Hernan A. Olonan, M.D.

    Nominate Radiology Articles for the 2016 Margulis Award

    The Nominating Committee for the Alexander R. Margulis Award for Scientific Excellence is accepting nominations from readers for Radiology articles published between July 2015 and June 2016. The main selection criteria are scientific quality and originality. Please send your nomination, including the article citation and a brief note highlighting the reasons for the nomination, to Pamela Lepkowski, assistant to the editor, plepkowski@rsna.org. The deadline for nominations is June 10.

    Image Wisely® Campaign Implements Changes

    Image Wisely

    Image Wisely® reached a milestone on Jan. 12, when the campaign received its 40,000th pledge.

    A number of changes have been made to the Image Wisely® campaign, which was founded in 2013 to increase awareness about adult radiation protection.

    As of Jan. 1, 2016, individual and association/educational program pledges to Image Wisely must be renewed annually; they will expire Dec. 31 every year. Also, the requirements for facilities have been strengthened to make the pledge more meaningful. In order to take the Image Wisely pledge, facilities must participate in a dose index registry and be accredited by an organization that directly evaluates radiation dose indices and compliance with accreditation pass/ fail dose thresholds, clinical image quality, phantom image quality and personnel qualifications.

    The changes to Image Wisely coincide with a milestone achievement: On Jan. 12, the campaign received its 40,000th pledge. The majority of Image Wisely pledges are made by individuals involved with medical imaging; however, associations/ educational programs and imaging facilities are also included in the pledge total.

    Image Wisely is an initiative of the RSNA, the American College of Radiology, the American Association of Physicists in Medicine and the American Society of Radiologic Technologists.

    Visit ImageWisely.org for more information about the program and pledging.

    In Memoriam

    John James Fennessy, M.D. Fennessy

    John James Fennessy, M.D., a pioneer in chest radiology and former RSNA first vice-president, died Jan. 3 in Hinsdale, Ill. He was 82.

    A professor emeritus and former chair of the Department of Radiology at the University of Chicago (UC), Dr. Fennessy was a pioneer in using bronchial fiberscopes in the U.S. In 1966, he first described a technique for transbronchial biopsy of lung lesions using arterial catheters (the Fennessy brush) before fiberscopes had been developed.

    Dr. Fennessy was known by colleagues at UC as the final authority on anything involving radiologic examination of the chest or abdomen, and the person other physicians turned to for interpretation of subtle diagnostic details on X-rays. With Torgny Holm of the University of Lund, Dr. Fennessy designed the UC radiology department's clinical facility in Mitchell Hospital, which opened in 1983.

    Born in Clonmel, Ireland, in 1933, Dr. Fennessy received his Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degrees at University College in Dublin before immigrating to America in 1959, settling in Chicago’s Hyde Park community and completing his residency at UC Hospitals.

    Dr. Fennessy joined the UC Department of Radiology in 1963, where he remained until his retirement in 2004, serving as chairman from 1974 to 1984. During his tenure as a UC professor of radiology, he was selected as a favorite faculty member nearly 30 times by his students.

    Dr. Fennessy served as RSNA first vice-president in 1987. He was also a member of the RSNA Education Council and served as chair for the Technical Exhibits Committee.

    A founding member of the Society of Thoracic Radiology, Dr. Fennessy was also a member of the prestigious Fleischner Society, an international, multidisciplinary medical society for thoracic radiology.

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