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    April 1, 2016

    Innovation and Interoperability Focus of IHE® Connectathon

    The spirit of collaboration to improve patient care through high quality, interoperable health information technology (HIT) was in the air during the 2016 Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE®) North American Connectathon, held Jan. 25-29 in Cleveland.M

    More than 142 organizations and 600 HIT professionals attended the events during the week.

    For the first time, the Connectathon included a week of training, education, and networking events, including an interoperability awards ceremony honoring vendors of ConCert by the HIMSS™ (Health Information and Management Systems Society) certified products. Education and training opportunities were customized to meet attendees’ various backgrounds, experience and skill levels. Participants attended educational sessions that equipped them to achieve interoperability in their own environments, with hands-on advice from accomplished experts.

    The Connectathon’s testing event remains the cornerstone of the entire week uniting HIT companies and government entities to test the interoperability of their systems. This event accelerates the development and deployment of interoperable systems that include IHE Profiles based on international standards like DICOM, HL7® and W3C.

    RSNA and HIMSS have been sponsors of the Connectathon since its inception in 1999. For more information, visit RSNA.org/IHE.aspx or IHEUSA.org/Connectathon.aspx.


    More than 142 organizations and 600 health information technology (HIT) professionals attended the 2016 IHE® North American Connectathon held in Cleveland.

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