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    • Practice Quality Improvement (PQI)

    • The American Board of Radiology provides a Practice Quality Improvement (PQI) program to address the Part IV requirements of Maintenance of Certification (MOC).  To aid RSNA members in the process, the RSNA Quality Improvement Committee has created a number of PQI Projects that have been qualified by ABR.

      PQI projects across the spectrum of diagnostic radiology, including vascular and interventional radiology, are divided into five categories. Diagnostic radiologists are required to select a project in one of the categories and work on it as an individual, within a department or group, or in association with a national society.

      Categories include: 

      • Patient safety
      • Accuracy of interpretation
      • Report timeliness
      • Practice guidelines and technical standards
      • Referring physician surveys

      Work on all PQI projects is completed following the PDSA process, a four-step cycle commonly used for continuous quality improvement. PDSA stands for Plan, Do, Study, and Act. This simple but powerful tool serves as the basis for an action-oriented iterative process created by linking multiple cycles and repeating them in sequence. The initial cycle is performed to obtain baseline data, and is followed by additional cycles to assess the effects of quality improvement initiatives. Click here to learn more about the PDSA process.

      ABR provides detailed project information for both Individual PQI projects  and for Group PQI projects.

      For further information on Maintenance of Certification (MOC), visit the American Board of Radiology website.

      To view the list of PQI projects created by the RSNA Quality Improvement Committee and qualified by the ABR, click here.