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  • RSNA Vignettes on Professionalism in Radiology

  • The RSNA Professionalism Committee has developed a series of vignettes about professionalism. These vignettes cover a wide range of topics that radiologists may encounter in their practice.

    The objectives of the vignettes are to raise awareness about the need for radiologists to incorporate professionalism into routine practice and to facilitate discussion of this core competency.

    We hope that these vignettes will help radiologists improve their

    • communications skills with colleagues and patients,
    • knowledge and skills in managing personnel challenges,
    • ability to contribute to a professionally healthy culture in their departments and practices, and
    • observance of professional norms regarding conflicts of interest.

    The vignettes depict scenarios that will be familiar to many radiologists.  Each describes a professionalism dilemma, raises questions about how to handle various aspects of the issue, provides responses that discuss the relevant principles of professionalism, and offers references for further study.

    The situations in the vignettes, like those in real life, are complex and multifaceted. They may not lend themselves to a single appropriate response.  The answers provided are not intended as policies applicable across all contexts. They should not be interpreted as the only legally appropriate alternatives. The committee recommends that these vignettes be used as starting points to define departmental and practice policies and as catalysts for discussion about these important issues. We encourage you to submit your comments, vignette topic suggestions and questions to Professionalism@rsna.org.

    RSNA Professionalism Vignettes Table of Contents

    The information and views and opinions posted by the RSNA Professionalism Committee on this website are offered in furtherance of RSNA’s educational mission. The material is not intended to represent the only or necessarily best approach to address the questions and issues posed by the various vignettes. Rather, the material is intended to present a view or opinion that may be helpful and provide general guidance to the RSNA membership.  RSNA does not warrant or endorse any of the proposed solutions and RSNA specifically disclaims any liability or responsibility for the use of the vignettes or relying on the proposed solutions offered in the vignettes. Nothing contained in the vignettes is intended to serve as a substitute for obtaining the services of an attorney or other appropriate professional to independently research and address your specific legal, practice, or conflict-of-interest problems or questions.

    These vignettes are works of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, organizations, places, events, and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination and are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental. 

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