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  • RSNA answers the call to excellence in patient care through education for and research by its members. Professional and consumer agencies including the Institute of Medicine (IOM) are asking healthcare providers to implement and support activities to continually improve care while reducing safety risks to patients and those that care for them.

    To meet the need, RSNA convened a Quality Improvement Committee (QIC) to develop programs and tools to support members in the ongoing assessment of practice process and outcomes to improve healthcare delivery in radiology.

    Process, structure, and outcome standards for evaluating quality of care for a wide range of clinical topics have been determined by the Physician Consortium for Performance Improvement®.


    Quality Storyboards »

    View storyboard abstracts that describe quality assessment and improvement initiatives in the field of radiology.


    Practice Quality Improvement (PQI) Projects »

    Meet Part IV requirements of Maintenance of Certification with Practice Quality Improvement Projects developed by RSNA Quality experts.


    Quality Improvement Certificate Program »

    Earn recognition from RSNA for your demonstrated level of knowledge in various QI domains.


    Quality Improvement Tools »

    Select from seven dedicated tools to identify areas for improvement and design interventions for your institution.


    Quality Improvement Resources »

    Increase your quality knowledge with training and education programs from RSNA and other sources.