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    • Purchase topical sets of refresher courses for your education library. Each flash drive includes two to three presenters, along with visual presentations, accompanying audio, and transcripts. All Refresher Course Collections are approved for AMA PRA Category 1 CreditTM.


      Gastrointestinal Imaging Collection
      Three popular gastrointestinal refresher courses offer a comprehensive review of the appropriate imaging techniques for evaluation of bowel obstructions, liver, gallbladder, and bile ducts.

      Abdomen & Pelvis Imaging Collection
      This collection focuses on the optimization of routine imaging protocols of abdominal MRI and the advantages and potential limitations of non-contrast CT imaging. Case examples of the differences between multi-slice pulse sequences and techniques for reducing motion artifacts are addressed.

      Emergency Neuroradiology Collection
      This essential emergency neuroradiology collection includes imaging features of traumatic brain injuries including case examples using advanced imaging techniques. Relative strengths and limitations of current imaging techniques for the detection and follow-up of patients are presented.

      Obstetrical Ultrasound Collection
      This collection includes first, second, and third trimester imaging techniques and case examples. Three courses offer comprehensive case examples of diagnosis and early recognition of complications in multiple gestations.

      Pulmonary Imaging Collection
      This collection includes popular chest track refresher courses offering a review of imaging techniques and devaluation of pulmonary diseases and infections. Extensive review of acute pulmonary embolism imaging, diagnosis, and treatment is presented.

      Dementia Collection
      Imaging considerations in dementia and cognitive disorders including emerging PET imaging techniques for the evaluation and diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease are covered. Explore imaging of silent cerebral infarcts that increase the risk of dementia.

      ER Missed Diagnosis Collection
      Comprehensive review of the most easily missed findings of both upper and lower extremities are featured, as well as traumatic thoracic injuries in a wide variety of imaging modalities.

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