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  • Affordable Membership as you transition to practice.
    The future of the Radiological Society of North America depends on the dedication and talent of its members. By providing affordable membership to residents and fellows as they transition into practice, the strength of the Society and advancement of the profession are secured.

    Who qualifies for reduced membership dues?
    Members who are transitioning from training qualify for greatly reduced rates during their first and second year of practice. Dues for transitioning members are a true bargain—all the benefits of membership at a fraction of the cost—just $100 in year one and $200 in year two. It is not until the third year of practice that transitioning members pay standard membership dues.

    How are reduced membership dues activated for members?
    When members in training join RSNA, the length of their residency is noted in their membership record. As the end of residency approaches, RSNA contacts residents asking for an update to their status and future plans. Residents who let us know they're going on to a fellowship will have their memberships renewed at no cost.

    In October, those moving on to practice will be invoiced $100 for the upcoming membership year. The dues will be increased to $200 for the second year of paid membership. The standard dues amount will be invoiced in year three.

    What if my membership status needs updating?
    To assure our records are current, we ask residents and fellows who are completing their training to update their status no later than July 15 by contacting membership@rsna.org or call 1-877-RSNA-MEM (outside the U.S. and Canada, call 630-571-7873).

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