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  • The RSNA Clinical Trials Processor (CTP) is free software developed under the RSNA MIRC project that enables researchers to exchange, index and retrieve images and documents for imaging clinical trials. CTP provides a secure end-to-end solution for efficiently moving images for clinical trials research between institutions and to centralized archives. CTP is designed to support industry-standard transport protocols, so it is easy to configure CTP to work with all commercial PACS systems. The CTP project is overseen by the MIRC subcommittee of the RSNA Radiology Informatics Committee (RIC).

    Benefits of CTP

    • Manage and move data securely with CTP’s powerful anonymization capabilities
    • Anonymize all DICOM objects with a single click and send data across institutions—either from PACS or directly from the acquisition modality—and be assured that you’ll remain compliant with HIPAA standards.
    • Save time and dramatically minimize the errors associated with arranging data “by hand.”

    CTP Users

    Many leading research institutions use RSNA’s CTP software for multisite imaging clinical trials and to acquire and distribute research data:

    • It is the National Cancer Institute’s tool of choice for receiving and storing images for the National Biomedical Image Archive (NBIA).
    • Clinical trial administrators use it to transfer and analyze data in nearly every configuration imaginable.

    Getting Started with CTP

    Click here to download the latest version of CTP. Installation instructions are available on the RSNA CTP Wiki. CTP software can run on any recent generation PC or server for personal or departmental use. No matter the size of your project, CTP gives you both power and simplicity.

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    Access manuals, articles, downloads, and get help installing RSNA’s CTP and its related tools.